The Susan Elizabeth success story didn’t simply happen; it is the result of consistent tireless effort from very difficult and humble beginnings. Her business career began in the 1980s when she was thrust into the role of sole provider for her family as a result of her husband’s debilitating injury in a hunting accident.

After some years of challenging trial and error Susan came upon her unique strategy to build a salon and spa business into the Spa and Salon at Personal Choice, which is consistently ranked among the world’s top 200 in a competitive international review process. She credits the development of this million dollar business to going beyond the industry norm.

Susan’s proven strategy is to follow (and sometimes create) the salon industry best practices but the real secret is that she empowers her customers to become something beyond their self perception and, as important, encourages, educates, and develops her staff to define and achieve their greatest expectations.

From such a simple start in a modest seaside Northern California town, Susan now interacts with industry leaders ranging from businessman Paul Mitchell to hair icon Vidal Sassoon in fantastic locations from New York to Barcelona, Spain.

Susan knows that to retain her position as a leading voice of the Spa and Salon industry, she must also be a leader in collateral industries including the products her customers rely upon to achieve their best beauty results.

From her constant search for ‘something better’ she developed the Susan Elizabeth Collection which includes a full system of hair and face products. In a very crowded and competitive field, Susan’s collection stands out with her discovery that ingredients used in facial products often interact adversely with hair care product ingredients resulting in negative results including hyper-pigmentation and acne.

This breakthrough is quite literally changing the face of her customers, the business of product resellers, and the beauty industry itself across the country. Thus continues the innovation of her signature collection.

What makes the Susan Elizabeth story yet more unique is that she became a spa and salon industry mogul while undergoing treatment and recovery from cancer, not just once but twice!

Susan became an inspiration to her family, customers, and community as she not only continued the rigorous schedule required to support her family but also found time to assist other cancer patients in dealing with the mental and appearance side effects of the disease and its treatment.

Going one step further, in what has become her trademark passion to build; Susan brought to Eureka the Night of Courage program which celebrates cancer survivors and their families – one night a year of good news, inspiration, and comradery.

SPA Talks is an acronym for  Sharing Positive Alternatives

Spas began as a central communication center passing down valuable traditions of self care rituals and health care alternatives. Spa Talks Radio Show brings us back full circle by sharing positive alternatives.

Spa Talk’s mission is to educate a community of like minded individuals through the interaction of spa like energy, sharing experiences, ideas and suggestions with an interactive audience. Spa moments create spa living in your home, in your office and even your car, to create and transcend us from our daily stresses.

The Courage Awareness and Health Advocacy Movement is a grassroots effort to educate, inspire and empower each and everyone one of us to become our own Health Advocate.

Your families Greatest Wealth is It’s Health. Knowing your health records like your life depends on it can save you time money and the peace of mind by preserving your families Heath Legacy. With so many changes in our health care, timing is critical that each of us gather and collect all of our valuable Health Records to have them all in one place at moments notice. All of us see multiple care givers. With our nation beginning to digitize record management we are just in the first stages of compiling this information. Do not be left behind without your information that could be lost or destroyed during this process. With downsizing of medical facilities, mergers and doctors retiring, those records could be lost for ever. Ask for them now!

There is not a family or person that is not touched by some type of devastating Health Care Issue. It is the Courage Awareness and Health Advocacy mission to share their wisdom allowing another journey to be smoother with less fear or suffering, through hearing the lessons of others who have traveled this path.

The Health Advocacy Organizer and Flash Drive is a unique and easy tool to store you and your Families Health Records.

All of us deserve to have the Peace of Mind, by our own information, the information you have Could Save a Life and the Life You Save Could be Your Own.

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